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The New York Reality TV School (NYRTVS) is located in the heart of New York City and features critically acclaimed training for both the public and private sector. Led by founder and executive facilitator Robert Galinsky, the school is divided into two distinctive programs: Corporate Communications and Reality TV Seminars and Training.  Businesses, organizations and individuals who participate in our programs gain a competitive advantage as they train with industry professionals who are passionate about the business and your success.

NYRTVS Corporate Communications division specializes in equipping companies, employees and leaders with extraordinary and tangible tools to succeed and thrive. Services range from executive leadership training to team building, public presentation to one on one coaching, communication skill development to team bonding. Our services are designed around the needs of our clients and are infused with an inspirational and thought-provoking array of reality TV and professional performance training techniques. The Corporate Communications division builds a company's success by harnessing existing talent and facilitating growth from within.

NYRTVS Reality TV Seminars and Training  division is a one of a kind program that takes students through the spectrum of experiences a reality TV cast member will face from the audition, to the intense interviews you'll go through and the actual show. NYRTVS is not about giving away 'secrets'. We are about finding and hi-lighting what makes you unique, building your confidence and examining how you package yourself so you can best accomplish your goals and exceed your expectations. NYRTVS is the only school in the world that specializes in Reality TV and our staff leads the way in preparing you for success! and a legitimate career in the entertainment industry- let the New York Reality TV School be your launching pad!