"The moral they convey: be yourself, to the max, only more so!" The Wall Street Journal

"Business can learn a lot from reality TV school."  FOX  TV Money Watch

"Reality TV school teaches the tricks of the trade." TVGuide Magazine

"They teach you how to open the portfolio of yourself!" BBC Radio

"Get a head start on your shot at the spotlight." TODAY Show

"The do's and don'ts of making it on TV!" E! Entertainment

"Meet the reality TV guru..." Advertising Age


Corporate Communications "Robert Galinsky, you have motivated and inspired us!"

At NYRTVS Corporate we engage participants in exhilarating ‘out of your chair’ identity revealing, creating valuable experiences that help our clients achieve, sustain, and expand on world-class performance. We go directly to the heart of the matter and provide compelling, efficient activities that provide data and expose profound issues, which are then resolved through subsequent conversations and debrief, bringing immediate business benefits and breakthroughs.

Our approach at NYRTVS Corporate is simple. The first thing we do is talk with you. Our first priority is to have a candid discussion about the issues you face and how we can help. We understand it’s difficult to get organizations and people to break their patterns; one pattern breaking method is to spend a lot of time developing cerebral conversation with teams, and another is to get them to break patterns through direct actions... and that’s where NYRTVS Corporate comes in.

Robert Galinsky has taken his unique and highly sought after approach from "BOOM" Consulting and fused it with the next-gen thinking of reality TV to break new ground with companies and businesses of all sizes throughout the U.S. His highly sought after energy and engagement create profound and visible change with his clients- and all have good fun in the process!

People often ask us: Why is it important to have fun? Why is camaraderie valuable? What are the implications? The importance is clear and answered by improving communication, raising the energy level of your teams, coming in under budget, meeting deadlines, increasing motivation and unleashing the power of your workforce. We don't profess to have all the answers to your concerns, but we ask the right questions, we address the issues and we have a proven track record of satisfying our clients.